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Table Tennis Penhold Blades - Butterfly

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  • Innerforce ZLC CS


    • Reinforcing fiber layers are normally located next to the outer-ply of a blade.
    • The Innerforce ZLC Carbon and Zylon woven layers and are located next to the center ply.

  • Cypress-S


    • Cypress wood provides a soft feel at impact.
    • Although lightweight, the Cypress-S delivers tremendous power

  • Senkoh-1 Blade


    • Made of Japanese Cypress, the Senkoh-1 is ideal for all-round to offensive minded players who drive from short and mid-distances.

  • Senkoh Special 90


    • Moderate speed for controlled attacking play
    • Ideal for steady topspins and precise blocks
    • Made of 1-ply 9.0mm Kiso Hinoki
    • Same soft feel you expect from the Butterfly family of Hinoki blades
    • Backside is painted black

  • Chinese EX CS


    • The Chinese EX is designed for Reverse Penhold Backhand play.
    • Medium speed and lightweight due to its thin five ply design
    • The thin construction is ideal so two rubbers can be attached to the blade allowing you to execute the newest shot in a penholders arsenal.

  • Chinese ULC CS


    • Reinforced with Carbon fiber, the Chinese ULC has a large sweet-spot and offers excellent control.
    • The blade's hard feel and great speed make it a perfect choice for the fast attacking style of play.

  • Chinese Real


    • A long time best seller has returned!
    • Designed for close to the table and counter-drive play

  • Ryu Seung Min G Max


    • Named after and used by the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist, Ryu Seung Min
    • Faster than the Ryu Seung Max, the Ryu Seung Min G Max is our fastest all wood penhold blade
    • Made of the highest grade of 1-ply Kiso Hinoki

  • Shamada


    • A long time best seller has returned!
    • Suitable for close to the table and mid-distance attackers

  • Chinese AL CS


    • The Chinese AL is a fast blade designed for the heavy topspin style of play.
    • The addition of two layers of Arylate fiber allows for the production of more spin and better directional control.

  • Ryu Seung Min Max


    • Extremely fast
    • Made of 1-ply Kiso Hinoki - 10mm thick!
    • Soft feel

  • Yoshida Kaii CS


    • The unique construction produces good speed with excellent control
    • The low ball throw best supports a close to the table, quick attack style of play.

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