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Allround Offense Table Tennis Rubber - Butterfly

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  • Sriver


    • Our most successful rubber since its introduction in 1967.
    • More than 20 World & 70 European titles have been won with Sriver.

  • Sapphira


    • A rubber for controlled offensive strokes.
    • Sapphira is an all-round rubber that makes your offensive strokes more powerful.

  • Sriver FX


    • Sriver FX combines the traditional Sriver rubber surface with a softer, more elastic sponge layer.
    • This combination allows the ball to sit on the rubber surface a little longer to generate more spin.

  • Flextra


    • A flexible topsheet on a soft sponge produces good spin with moderate speed and exceptional control.
    • Perfect for the beginning player and those relying on variation of speed and spin to force errors from the opponent.

  • Ekrips Soft


    • Ekrips Soft allows you to be highly accurate and aggressive
    • Elastic & fast top-sheet with softer, more flexible sponge
    • Provides more control while you remain offensive
    • Precise placement on blocks and heavy topspins
    • Ekrips is ideal for close to the table play

  • Sriver EL


    • Sriver EL combines Sriver's top sheet with a medium-soft elastic sponge.
    • This softer sponge allows you to generate more spin without using a power swing.

6 Items | Page 1 of 1 | Sort by:

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