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Table Tennis Books & DVDs

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  • Butterfly 2014 Wall Calendar


    The Butterfly 2014 Wall Calendar features photos of 12 Butterfly elite players and a perforated edge to rip out previous months for posters. Picture: 28.5" x 20.25"

  • Modern Table Tennis 101 DVD


    • Covers the basic strokes shown from three separate angles with video clips. 3D graphics illustrate contact points and timing. Strokes are featured showing clips of top players.

  • Pro Table Tennis Serves DVD


    • This DVD has captured the serves of some of the best players in the world during practice and presents them in this program with a clarity that shows each detail in their movement and reveals the secrets of the contact.

  • Modern Table Tennis 102 DVD


    • Modern Table Tennis 102 DVD concentrates on the main points of serving and serve-receiving. It is assumed that you are familiar with the basic techniques of table tennis as they are discussed in the DVD "Modern Table Tennis 101".

  • Winning Table Tennis Book


    • Whether you're a competitive tournament player or a serious recreational player, Winning Table Tennis: Skills, Drills, and Strategies will help you improve your game.

  • Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives


    • Pro Table Tennis Serve Receives DVD: At the beginning of a table tennis point, the server holds all the cards. It is his decision what type of point to play, his choice whether to lead into a topspin rally, whether to play short or long.

  • Table Tennis Tales & Techniques


    • Table Tennis Tales & Techniques book contains the best published work of USATT Hall of Famer Larry Hodges: Table Tennis Player, Coach, Writer, Editor, Promoter, and Club, Tournament and League Director. Prepare to laugh and learn! 274 pgs.

  • Table Tennis Tactics Book


    • The book contains an age-appropriate collection of all aspects of table tennis tactics for young players.

  • Beyond Imagination Table Tennis DVD


    • 1985-2000 The Best Players! Shots! Finishes! The Top 40 Points!
    • The must-have ultimate highlight DVD.

  • Complete Table Tennis DVD


    • "Complete Table Tennis" by Dan Seemiller and Mark Nordby features twelve chapters of instructional techniques in 2 DVDs.

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