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Still confused about the equipment? Not sure what Spring Sponge, medium feel and different sponge thicknesses will offer?

Then use the form below to contact the Experts. We will give you a user-friendly way of understanding what the equipment is and how it can maximize your skills as a player. Since each player and their equipment are different. Please complete the fields in the form below. If you want to record your question and upload it to YouTube, please add the YouTube video link in the form below.

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July 22, 2014

Blade: Stiga
Forehand: DHS
Backhand: Donic

Question: Hi is the Vicaria good for far away form the table and can I buy the Viscaria here in Butterflyonline. Thank You!

Answer: Hi Frank,

The Viscaria is a fast blade that is very popular these days. Because of the speed of this blade the Viscaria should be fine away from the table. Yes the Viscaria blade is sold at butterflyonline.com.

Good Luck and Enjoy,

Dan Seemiller
South Bend Table Tennis Center