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Still confused about the equipment? Not sure what Spring Sponge, medium feel and different sponge thicknesses will offer?

Then use the form below to contact the Experts. We will give you a user-friendly way of understanding what the equipment is and how it can maximize your skills as a player. Since each player and their equipment are different. Please complete the fields in the form below. If you want to record your question and upload it to YouTube, please add the YouTube video link in the form below.


April 24, 2014

Featured Question

Blade: Viscaria FL
Forehand: Donic Bluefire JP 03
Backhand: Tenergy 80

Question: I want to buy a new blade, can you suggest me blades that are more powerful but with better control? I'm thinking of buying Innerforce ZLC or Amultart. Thank you

Answer: Dear Bernardus,

I would recommend that you go with the Innerforce ZLC, which would give you more power with nice feel and excellent control. I would also suggest switching to Tenergy 05 on your forehand to get the optimal use of your new Innerforce ZLC blade.

Jack Huang, Head Coach
Maryland Table Tennis Center