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Still confused about the equipment? Not sure what Spring Sponge, medium feel and different sponge thicknesses will offer?

Then use the form below to contact the Experts. We will give you a user-friendly way of understanding what the equipment is and how it can maximize your skills as a player. Since each player and their equipment are different. Please complete the fields in the form below. If you want to record your question and upload it to YouTube, please add the YouTube video link in the form below.


April 18, 2014

Blade: Schargler Light
Forehand: Speedy Soft 2mm
Backhand: Sriver 1.7mm

Question: Butterfly, I want to try Butterfly Ranunculus, 5-ply, hard feel, all wood blade and I would like pips out rubber on F/H and B/H. Which pips out would be the best for all out attacking close to the table?

Answer: Hi Frank,

Thanks for your question and interest in Butterfly equipment.

I recommend for you to try the Flarestorm rubber on the forehand and the Flarestorm II rubber on the backhand.
The difference between the two rubbers is the density as the Flarestorm II has a softer feel and is more forgiving. Since you are transitioning from a smooth rubber on the backhand, the softer feel of the Flarestorm II will be easier to control.

Hope you enjoy your new equipment!

All the best,
Nan Li
Coach @ WCTTA