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World Top 20
World Top 20 May 2015
View the May 2015 World Rankings.
  Manager Barry Dattel & Coach Lily Yip
5/26 Lily Yip Table Tennis Center
Han Xiao
5/26 Serve Return Tips
Serve return is one of the most... (more)
  Princeton Pong
5/26 Princeton Pong Summer Camps
The Spirit of Pong
5/26 "The Spirit of Pong"
"The Spirit of Pong" is a new... (more)
  National Collegiate Table Tennis Association
5/26 NCTTA Newsletter
Americas Team Championships
5/24 America's Team Championships
  Americas Team Championships
5/23 America's Team Championships
Americas Team Championships
5/22 America's Team Championships
Begins tomorrow: Team / Player Roster
  Eugene Wang
5/22 Favorite City
An undoubted liking for the city... (more)
Coach Richard Prause at WSA
5/22 WSA's Ask The Coach
VIDEO How to beat the Chinese
  2015 Slovak Junior Open
5/22 Slovak Junior Open
VIDEO Day 2 Stream
2015 Slovak Junior Open
5/21 Slovak Junior Open
VIDEO Day 1 Stream
  Coach Ernesto Ebuen
5/21 Ask The Experts
I was just looking for a little... (more)
Crystal Wang at 2015 ITTF NA Cup - Photo Courtesy of ITTF - by Thorsten Gohl
5/21 Crystal Wang & Derek Nie
  Butterfly Party: ITTF President Thomas Weikert with Butterfly President Shunsaku Yamada
5/20 Butterfly Party
VIDEO Party at the 2015 WTTC
New York International Table Tennis Center
5/20 Passion Leads the Way
A lifetime of passion and... (more)
  Lily Yip Table Tennis Center
5/20 LYTTC Summer Camp
2015 Summer Camp Registration
Coach Zhou Xin
5/20 Ask The Experts
Hi, I wanted to change my racket... (more)
  Roko Tosic
5/20 Twice Silver Medalist
The runner up in both 2012... (more)
Joy Xu, Rachel Sung, Angie Tan
5/19 ITTF Hopes NA Challenge
Rachel Sung & Nikhil Kumar... (more)
  Zeng, Jeffrey Xun
5/19 Potomac Spring Open
On May 16th & May 17th, the... (more)
Jun Mizutani
5/19 Serving Tips
Most players understand that... (more)
  Coach Stefan Feth
5/19 Ask The Experts
Hi, if I want to use for my... (more)
Jimmy Butler
5/19 ITTF NA Cup Champions
One year ago in Burnaby... (more)
  Jack Wang
5/15 Belated Present One Year Ago
Sensationally one year ago... (more)
5/15 NYITTC June Open
NYITTC June Open Entry Form
  Coach Dan Seemiller
5/15 Ask The Experts
Hi, what is the best performance... (more)
Victor Liu
5/14 Canadian Junior & Cadet
FINALS Video, Results & Photos
  Mo Zhang
5/14 Zhang Mo Seeking
Bronze medalists in the... (more)
Coach Gao Jun
5/14 Ask The Experts
Dear Coach, I've ordered the... (more)
  Kanak Jha and Jack Wang
5/13 Canadian Junior & Cadet
DAY 3 Video, Results & Photos
Harvey Fung
5/13 Making You Happy and Healthy
Intense action in the Atos... (more)
  Rachel Sung
5/12 Canadian Junior & Cadet
DAY 2 Video, Results & Photos
Texas Table Tennis Training Center Received Congressional Recognition
5/12 TTT's Congressional Recognition
The Texas Table Tennis...(more)
  Intersport Table Tennis Club
5/12 Intersport Table Tennis Club
PHOTO Intersport at Trois-Rivières Open
Navin Kumar
5/12 Support Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar is on a mission... (more)
  Coach Nan Li
5/12 Ask The Experts
Hi, I've used the above for... (more)
Kanak Jha
5/11 Canadian Junior & Cadet
DAY 1 Video, Results & Photos
  Butterfly Lezoline TB
5/11 Aerobic TT
VIDEO Recommends Lezoline TB
Coach Steven Wang
5/11 Ask The Experts
I have a question concerning... (more)
  ITTF-North America Cadet Qualifier Venue
5/11 ITTF-NA Cadet Qualifier
PHOTOS Team Qualifiers
European Champions League Final
5/10 ITTF-NA Cadet Qualifier
Congratulations All Team Qualifiers!
  Han Xiao
5/10 Blocking
Blocking is a very underrated... (more)
European Champions League Final
5/10 European Champions League
  Heading to Canada
5/8 Heading to Canada
A photo of some U.S. players... (more)
Triangle Table Tennis
5/8 Triangle Table Tennis
  Dennis Klein
5/8 Previous Performances
The fourth seed, leading the... (more)
WTTC Mens Singles Final
5/8 WTTC Men's Singles Final
  Larry Hodges
5/8 Good Tactics Lead to Confidence
Think about the last time... (more)
Coaching Between Points
5/7 New ITTF Rule
  DTTA 9th QUINCENAL Tourney
5/7 DTTA's 9th Quincenal Tourney
Last Saturday, May 2nd... (more)
Coach Zhou Xin
5/7 Ask The Experts
Hello, I've been playing table... (more)
  The WAB Shop at CCTTA
5/6 April 2015 Top 10 WAB Clubs
Proud to Announce Top 10 WABs!
Coach Andre Ho
5/6 Ask The Experts
My coach recommended I... (more)
  Table Tennis Canada
5/6 Pan Am Test Events
Markham, Toronto will be... (more)
Ibrahim Hamato
5/6 Play Starts in Lasko
Proceedings in the 12th... (more)
  2015 Canada Junior & Cadet Open
5/5 Canadian Junior & Cadet Open
Arylate Carbon Blades
5/5 Arylate Carbon
VIDEO Arylate Carbon Blades
  Coach Steven Wang
5/5 Ask The Experts
Hi, I pulled out an old racket... (more)
Crystal Wang - Photo by Glen Randmer
5/5 Crystal Wang Interview
USATT: Crystal Wang Interview
  Randy Seemiller
5/4 Millcreek Giant RR
This year’s spring Erie... (more)
Coach Dan Seemiller
5/4 Ask The Experts
Should I switch to long pips... (more)
  DTTA's 8th 2015 Quincenal Tournament
5/4 DTTA's 8th Q Tourney
On Saturday, April 18th, DTTA... (more)
Maryland Table Tennis Center
5/4 MDTTC News
  Ma Long
5/4 Ma Long, World Number 1
Three times the bronze... (more)
Zhang Jike
5/3 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 8
  New York Indoor Sports Club
5/3 New York Indoor Sports Club
New York Indoor Sports... (more)
Coach Nan Li
5/3 Ask The Experts
Hi, I pulled out an old racket... (more)
  Han Xiao
5/3 Watching the Ball
Today we’re going to discuss... (more)
ITTF Hopes Program
5/3 USA Hopes Participants
Congratulations to all Hopes... (more)
  Ding Ning
5/2 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 7
Ebby Schöler withn Mike Baubin
5/1 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 6
  Jun Mizutani
4/30 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 5
Lee Sangsu
4/29 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 4
  Coach Stefan Feth with Angela Guan
4/28 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 3
New York Table Tennis Inc
4/28 New York Table Tennis
A small winding stairway in... (more)
  Coach Gao Jun
4/28 Ask The Experts
I have just purchased a... (more)
Han Xiao
4/28 Playing Against Penholders
Last week, we examined some... (more)
  Qoros Saloon
4/27 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 2
Kanak Jha
4/26 2015 WTTC
2015 World Championships: Day 1
  All About Tenergy - Butterfly Science
4/24 All About Tenergy
Butterfly Science: Which Tenergy?
Marcos Freitas
4/24 WTTC: Marcos Freitas
A fourth round defeat two years... (more)
  Butterfly Kuma Collection
4/24 Kuma Apparel
VIDEO Butterfly Kuma Collection
Larry Hodges
4/24 Tip of the Week
Tip: Visualize Serves for Feedback
  2015 America's Team Championship
4/23 America's Team Championship
Butterfly is proud to sponsor... (more)
Butterfly Cozy Collection
4/23 Cozy Collection
  Coach Li Yuxiang
4/23 Ask The Experts
Dear Sir, I was a decent club... (more)
Elizabeta Samara
4/23 Georgina Pota Injured
A period of six decades, the... (more)
  SUZHOU 2015: GO, GO, GO!
4/22 Suzhou 2015: GO, GO, GO!
Stars and starlets converge in... (more)
Adriana Diaz
4/22 Medal in Barbados
The Caribbean, the home some... (more)
  Stefan Feth
4/21 3-Star 40+ Plastic Ball
VIDEO 40+ Plastic Ball with Nan Li
Coach Dan Seemiller
4/21 Ask The Experts
Hi Sir, I have two beginning... (more)
  Timo Boll
4/21 Perfection a Decade Ago
Starting in 2004 at the Liebherr... (more)
Angela Guan
4/20 Angela Guan Hopes to Inspire
2015 US Women’s World Team... (more)
  Coach Jin Yixiong, Kanak Jha, and Timothy Wang
4/20 In Chinese League
Kanak Jha and Timothy Wang... (more)
Coach Shigang Yang
4/20 Ask The Experts
I want to buy a new racket... (more)
  Zhang Jike Box Set
4/20 Zhang Jike Box Set
VIDEO Zhang Jike Box Set
Jiang Tianyi (left) and Lee Ho Ching
4/20 Close in Paris
They were so close to being... (more)
  Han Xiao
4/19 Playing Against Pips/Anti
Many players have a lot of... (more)
Petrissa Solja
4/19 Confident After Bremen
Runner up in the Women’s Singles... (more)
  Coach Stefan Feth
4/19 Ask The Experts
Hi Coach! I just want to know... (more)
WCTTA 2015 Summer Camp
4/18 WCTTA Summer Camp
Register: WCTTA Summer Camp
  Behind The Scenes: Globe & Mail Pan Am Video
4/18 Globe & Mail Pan Am Video
Behind The Scenes Photos
Butterfly Victory Set
4/18 Butterfly Victory Set
VIDEO Victory Racket Set
  Denver TT Alliance vs CU Boulder TT
4/18 DTTA vs CU Boulder TT
The Denver TT Alliance... (more)
Designing Blades with Special Materials
4/18 Butterfly Blades - Part 1
Butterfly lines up various... (more)
  Mima Ito (foreground) and Miu Hirano
4/17 The Youngest Ever
Winner of the Women’s Singles... (more)
Aerobic Table Tennis
4/17 Aerobic TT New Video
Many people have asked us... (more)
  Coach Junya Chen
4/17 Ask The Experts
Hi Coach, my question is what... (more)
Butterfly Vancouver Open
4/16 Butterfly Vancouver Open
  Timo Boll Runs on Lezoline TB
4/16 Lezoline TB w/ Timo Boll
In table tennis with its fast... (more)
4/16 Butterfly Atlanta May Open
  Coach Andre Ho
4/16 Ask The Experts
Hello, I'm just looking for a... (more)
French Junior & Cadet Open
4/16 French Junior & Cadet Open
VIDEOS Day 1 & 2
  New York Indoor Sports Club
4/15 NYISC April Open
NYISC April Open Entry Form
Coach Li Yuxiang, 2014 World Veteran Championship 60+ Men's Double Champion
4/15 2018 World Veterans
USA Finalist To Host
  Coach Stefan Feth
4/15 Ask The Experts
I have used a Butterfly Mazunov... (more)
Cho For a Cause
4/15 Cho! For a Cause
The elementary school children at... (more)
  Personal Rollaway Table
4/14 Personal Rollaway Table
VIDEO Butterfly Personal Rollaway
USA Table Tennis
4/14 US Junior & Cadet Trials
  Coach Dan Seemiller
4/14 Ask The Experts
Hi, when I am playing backhand... (more)
Chuang Chih-Yuan walks towards Chen Chien-An
4/14 WTTC Doubles Seeding
Success for Chen Chien-An and... (more)
  Photo: MC Table Tennis Coach and Captain Cheng Li; courtesy of MC.edu
4/13 College National Championships
Mississippi College National Champions!
2015 AITTA Hope Camp and Tournament
4/13 AITTA Hope Camp
  JTTF Team Tournament
4/13 JTTF Team Tournament
On March 28th, the Junior... (more)
Coach Jack Huang
4/13 Ask The Experts
For about 2 years I have... (more)
4/12 College Nationals
VIDEOS College Nationals Finals
Han Xiao
4/12 Don’t Make Changes
A lot of players have a lot... (more)
4/11 College Nationals
VIDEOS Championships Day 2
USA Table Tennis
4/11 2015 U.S. Open
US Open Entry Form
  DTTA's 7th 2015 Quincenal Tournament
4/11 DTTA's 7th Q Tourney
We have awesome news to... (more)
College National Table Tennis Championships
4/10 College Championships
VIDEOS Day One Streams
  Coach Nan Li
4/10 Ask The Experts
For about 2 years I have... (more)
2015 World Table Tennis Day
4/10 World Table Tennis Day
Photos 2015 Table Tennis Day
  Elite TTC at the 2015 Ontario Championships
4/10 Elite TTC Juniors
Congratulations to Elite TTC... (more)
Triangle Table Tennis
4/9 March 2015 Top 10 WAB Clubs
Proud to Announce Top 10 WABs!
  Nan Li
4/9 3-Star 40+ Plastic Ball
VIDEO 40+ Plastic Ball with Nan Li
Eugene Wang
4/9 Canadian National Team
  Coach Stefan Feth
4/9 Ask The Experts
My strong point is forehand... (more)
4/9 College National Championships
  Han Xiao
4/8 Service and Return Footwork
The first three to five balls... (more)
Tiago Apolonia
4/8 Welcome Tiago Apolonia
VIDEO Welcome Tiago Apolonia
  Coach Judy Hugh
4/8 Ask The Experts
How do you rate this combination... (more)
Mizutani Jun ZLC
4/8 Mizutani Jun ZLC Blade
VIDEO Mizutani Jun ZLC
  2015 Butterfly Pacific Open
4/7 Butterfly Proudly Sponsors
Butterfly is proud to sponsor the... (more)
Coach Stefan Feth
4/7 Ask The Experts
Hello Coach, I want to ask... (more)
  Newgy Ohio Open
4/7 Newgy Ohio Open
The March 20-21 Newgy Ohio... (more)
World Table Tennis Championships
4/7 2015 World Championships
4/7 MDTTC Newsletter
Kanak Jha
4/3 Congratulations Kanak Jha!
  2015 Butterfly Cary Cup Open Singles Final
4/3 2015 Butterfly Cary Cup Video
VIDEO Open Singles Final
USA Table Tennis Hall Of Fame
4/3 USATT Hall of Fame
VIDEO Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  Behind the Scenes: 2015 German Open
4/3 Behind the Scenes
VIDEOS 2015 German Open
USA Table Tennis
4/3 2015 U.S. Open Schedule
  Lezoline TB Shoes
4/2 Lezoline TB Shoes
VIDEO Available Now: Lezoline TB
Coach Zhou Xin
4/2 Ask The Experts
Dear Coach; I kindly ask you... (more)
  Artur Abusev
4/2 First Day of April, No Joke
Major title contenders, the... (more)
All About TENERGY - Butterfly Science
4/1 All About TENERGY
VIDEO TENERGY - Butterfly Science
  New York Cosmos
4/1 NY Cosmos April Fool's Prank
VIDEO Prank on Alecko Eskandarian
New York Table Tennis League
4/1 NYTTL 2015 Schedule


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