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Table Tennis News

World Top 20
World Top 20 March 2015
View the March 2015 World Rankings.
  Barbora Balazova
3/27 First Round Upset
The Slovak Republic’s Barbora... (more)
DTTA's 6th QUINCENAL Tourney
3/26 DTTA's 6th QUINCENAL Tourney
Last Saturday, March 21st, we... (more)
  Coach Dan Seemiller
3/26 Ask The Experts
Hi, I am a counter blocker and... (more)
2015 Butterfly San Francisco Open Video
3/26 San Francisco Open Video
VIDEO Open Singles Final
  Wang Zhixu
3/26 Former Champion Falls
Winner of the Cadet Boys’ Singles... (more)
World Table Tennis Day
3/26 World Table Tennis Day
VIDEO April 6th!
  2015 Valor Games Southeast
3/25 2015 Valor Games Southeast
Butterfly is proud to sponsor the... (more)
2015 Arnold Challenge
3/25 2015 Arnold Challenge Video
VIDEO Open Singles Final
  Cazuo Matsumoto
3/25 First Ever Latin American
The winner in 2013, the first ever... (more)
Kanak Jha
3/24 Kanak Jha Remains Unbeaten
The sensational winner at... (more)
  Butterfly Presents the 3-Star Ball
3/24 Butterfly Presents
VIDEO 3-Star Ball Video
2015 German Open Doubles Rally
3/24 German Open Video
VIDEO Incredible Doubles Rally
3/24 NCTTA March News
1st Jishan Liang (right), 2nd Kai Zhang
3/23 Jishan Liang Takes Title
Surprise challenger Jishan Liang... (more)
  Butterfly Standard Training Ball Bucket
3/23 Training Ball Bucket
VIDEO Training Ball Bucket
Ma Long
3/23 Düsseldorf Decision Reversed
Elevated to the top spot on... (more)
  2015 Butterfly Cary Cup Championships
3/22 Butterfly Cary Cup Finals
Hugo Calderano
3/22 Brazil Adds to Medal Haul
Hugo Calderano and compatriot... (more)
  Han Xiao
3/22 Open Ended Drills
Over the last ten years or... (more)
Yan An
3/22 German Open: Yan An Upsets Seeding
The winner in Sweden in early... (more)
  Coach Nan Li
3/22 Ask The Experts
I use the penhold grip (although... (more)
2015 Butterfly Cary Cup Championships
3/21 Butterfly Cary Cup
  2015 ITTF-Latin American Championships
3/20 Latin American Championships
Video Streams: Day 5, Finals
Timo Boll (left) and Patrick Franziska
3/20 German Open: Successful Start
Winners of the Men’s Doubles title... (more)
  Coach Stefan Feth
3/20 Ask The Experts
My last sheets of medium pips... (more)
Dodgers Ping Pong Finals
3/20 Dodgers Ping Pong Finals
VIDEO Dodgers players boo Clayton Kershaw
  Kunal Chodri
3/19 3-Star 40+ Plastic Ball
VIDEO 40+ Plastic Ball with Kunal Chodri
Marcos Freitas
3/19 Welcome Marcos Freitas
We are happy to announce the... (more)
  2015 German Open
3/19 2015 German Open
Coach Ernesto Ebuen
3/19 Ask The Experts
I am a new to purchasing... (more)
  2015 Latin American Championships
3/18 Latin American Championships
Live Streams Day 4 in Buenos Aires
Triangle Table Tennis
3/18 New Venue, Diverse Players
From March 19th – 22nd, almost... (more)
  German Open
3/18 2015 German Open
VIDEO World's Best to German Open
Coach Stefan Feth - Ask The Experts Video
3/18 Ask The Experts
Stefan Feth answers a video question.
  Marcos Madrid with Yadira Silva (right)
3/18 Mixed Doubles Final
Mexico’s Marcos Madrid and ... (more)
Felix Gao
3/18 ZXTTA at San Francisco Open
Gold medals were won by... (more)
  Alberto Miño
3/17 ITTF-Latin American Championships
Chile represented by Gustavo... (more)
Crystal Wang
3/17 MDTTC March Newsletter
MDTTC News: Open & Crystal Wang
  DJ Settle with Eugene Wang
3/17 Ask The Experts
I am a new to purchasing... (more)
2015 San Francisco Open: Timothy Wang & Kanak Jha
3/16 Butterfly San Francisco Open
  Matthew Hetherington - Photo courtesy of USATT
3/16 Matthew Hetherington Interview
Interview with Matthew at USATT
Champaign County Table Tennis Club
3/16 Champaign Spring Open
Register: 2015 Champaign Spring Open
  Coach Gao Jun
3/16 Ask The Experts
I am intermediate player in... (more)
Playing Against Choppers
3/15 Playing Against Choppers
In most professional table... (more)
  Coach Cheng Yinghua
3/15 Ask The Experts
Hello, I have been recently... (more)
Golden Gate Bridge
3/14 Butterffly San Francisco Open
San Francisco Opne Day 1 Photos
  Lindenwood University Students with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tournament Director Ed Hogshead
3/13 Arnold Challenge
Arnold Table Tennis Challenge... (more)
Koki Niwa
3/13 Koki Niwa Causes Upset
Japan's Koki Niwa caused the... (more)
  DTTA's 5th 2015 Quincenal Tournament
3/13 DTTA's 5th QUINCENAL Tourney
We are very excited to inform... (more)
Coach Nan Li
3/13 Ask The Experts
I have an extra pair of... (more)
  NYITTC March 2015 Open Championship
3/12 NYITTC March 2015 Open
On March 1st in Flushing New... (more)
Coach Dan Seemiller
3/12 Ask The Experts
Hi, I am just getting into the... (more)
  NYTTL Promo Video
3/12 NYTTL 2015 Season
VIDEO NY Table Tennis League 2015
Timo Boll
3/12 Timo Boll: 10 Years in the Top 10
29 years have passed after his... (more)
  Video: Kanak Jha - Butterfly 3-Star 40+ Plastic Ball
3/11 3-Star 40+ Plastic Ball
VIDEO 40+ Plastic Ball featuring Kanak Jha
2015 Butterfly San Francisco Open
3/11 Butterfly San Francisco Open
As of today, 223 players registered.
  Han Xiao
3/11 The Lefty-Righty Matchup
Many players have specific styles... (more)
The WAB Shop / Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association - Markham, ON
3/11 February 2015 Top 10 WAB Clubs
Proud to Announce Top 10 WABs!
  Coach Judy Hugh
3/11 Ask The Experts
If I were to upgrade from the... (more)
Bochao Li - Open Singles Champion
3/9 2015 Arnold Challenge
  USA Table Tennis
3/9 Pan Am Team & U.S. Team
Congratulations Team Members!
ITTF Hopes Program
3/9 Hopes Program & Spring Camp
  Coach Jack Huang
3/9 Ask The Experts
Hello, I have the above mentioned... (more)
Kanak Jha - Photo courtesy of USATT
3/7 Pan Am & US Team Trials
Day One of U.S. Trials
  2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge Venue
3/7 First Full Day of Competition
The first full day of play... (more)
Jishan Liang
3/5 Diversity in Leading Players
Although they all have incredible... (more)
  Coach Adam Hugh
3/5 Ask The Experts
Which racket should I use, I... (more)
German Open 2015 Trailer
3/3 Featured Video
VIDEO German Open 2015 Trailer
  Larry Hodges
3/3 USATT featuring Larry Hodges
Coach Andre Ho - Photo courtesy of ITTF
3/3 Ask The Experts
Hi again, the thing is I like playing... (more)
  Jack Wang
3/2 Jack Wang Credits Tournament Play
A year ago at the 2014 Butterfly... (more)
Coach Ernesto Ebuen
3/2 Ask The Experts
Used to play with the Sriver some... (more)
  Horacio Cifuentes
3/2 Revenge is Sweet
Top seeds, Argentina, with Horacio... (more)
Step Around Footwork
3/1 Step Around Footwork
One of the most common... (more)
  Lily Yip Table Tennis Club
3/1 Spring Break Camp
Learn from Pros: LYTTC's Camp
Featured Videos
3/1 French National Championships
VIDEOS Amazing Rally & Men's Final
  DTTA's 4th QUINCENAL Tourney
2/28 DTTA's 4th QUINCENAL Tourney
Last Saturday, February 21st, even... (more)
Coach Dan Seemiller
2/28 Ask The Experts
I'm an average player, but I'm... (more)
  Fermin Tenti
2/28 Member of First World Hopes Team
A member of the inaugural World... (more)
2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
2/28 2015 Arnold Challenge
Join 239 players at the Arnold Challenge.
  Lily Yip Table Tennis Center
2/27 22nd FIT "Newgy" Open
Register online for this annual tournament.
Ontario Boys Team on Podium
2/28 Gold for Ontario Teams
On Wednesday evening at the... (more)
  Kanak Jha Training
2/27 Featured Video: Kanak Jha Training
VIDEO Kanak Pan Am & US Trials Training
Coach Kewei Li
2/27 Ask The Experts
Hi, I have been playing table tennis... (more)
  2015 Butterfly Canadian Junior & Cadet Open
2/26 Canadian Junior & Cadet Open
Butterfly is proud to sponsor... (more)
Coach Judy Hugh
2/26 Ask The Experts
Hi, I have been playing table tennis... (more)
  Timo Boll (left) and Ma Long
2/26 Timo Boll to Partner Ma Long
Germany's Timo Boll and China's... (more)
Featured Video
2/26 Featured Video
VIDEO The Table Tennis Duel
  Coach Stefan Feth - Ask The Experts Video
2/25 Ask The Experts Video
What is the best racket combination... (more)
left to right: Mark Pang with Jeremy Hazin
2/25 Congratulations Jeremy Hazin!
This past weekend in Markham... (more)
  Cho! For a Cause
2/24 Cho! For a Cause
Share your passion, Cho! For a Cause
Coach Stefan Feth - Ask The Experts Video
2/24 Ask The Experts Video
Ask the Experts with U.S. National... (more)
  USA Table Tennis
2/24 U.S. Open Returns to Las Vegas
The 2015 U.S. Open, will be... (more)
Aleksey Yefremov
2/24 Intense Schedule in Tehran
Home for the Fajr Cup, Tehran... (more)
  2015 European Games
2/24 2015 European Games
Euro Games to be broadcasted in US
Kanak Jha Cadet Boys Singles Champion
2/23 Canada Winter Games
The host nation alongside the... (more)
  Mizutani Jun Super ZLC vs Zhang Jike Super ZLC
2/23 Butterfly Blade Review Video
VIDEO Mizutani Jun Super ZLC
2015 Canada Winter Games
2/23 Canada Winter Games
Table Tennis Underway is at Canada Games
  National Collegiate Table Tennis Association
2/23 NCTTA Newsletter
2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
2/22 Arnold Challenge, Exciting Opportunity
On March 6-8, leading elite players... (more)
  Han Xiao
2/21 Staying Balanced
Table tennis rallies often resemble... (more)
Elizabeta Samara
2/22 Elizabeta Samara Upsets Seeding
Maintaining the very best... (more)
  2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge Promo Video
2/20 Arnold Challenge Promo Video
VIDEO Arnold Challenge Promo
Robert Gardos
2/21 Austrians Upset Seeding
Success, somewhat unexpected... (more)
  Featured Video
2/21 Featured Video: WSA Ask the Coach
VIDEO Service tactics
Coach Gao Jun
2/20 Ask The Experts
I am player who used to play... (more)
  Featured Video
2/20 Featured Video: Qatar Open MS
Yuki Matsuyama
2/20 Surprise Winner in Örebro
No World ranking, not seeded... (more)
2/19 Making Of Butterfly Catalog 2015
VIDEO Butterfly At Bounce Club London.
Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
2/19 $12,000 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
The $12,000 Arnold Table Tennis... (more)
  Coach Stefan Feth
2/19 Ask The Experts
Dear Butterfly team, I'll buy a... (more)
Diane Jiang and Zhou Xin
2/19 Chinese New Year's Eve Training
  Lee Sangsu
2/19 Leading Name Suffers Defeat
The winner in Australia some ten... (more)
Diane Jiang
2/18 Diane Jiang Seeks Redemption
Diane first learned how to play... (more)
  Kanak Jha
2/18 Qualification is First Hurdle
Winners on the ITTF Junior Circuit... (more)
WSA Head Coach Richard Prause
2/18 Featured Video
VIDEO What is talent in table tennis?
  Coach Andre Ho
2/18 Ask The Experts
I just bought this Zhang Jike... (more)
Featured Video
2/18 Featured Video
VIDEO U.S. Team & Pan Am Trials
  Coach Nan Li
2/17 Ask The Experts
I have tried to use backhand... (more)
Mohamad Hamie
2/17 Opening Round Defeat
Defeat was the end result in... (more)
  Featured Video
2/17 Featured Video
VIDEO The Expert in a Year Challenge
The WAB Shop / Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association - Markham, ON
2/16 January 2015 Top 10 WAB Clubs
Proud to Announce Top 10 WABs!
  Coach Stefan Feth
2/16 Ask The Experts
I want to buy a new blade but I... (more)
Tomokazu Harimoto
2/16 Japan Justifies Status
The top seeds in both the Junior... (more)
  Phoenix Chinese Week
2/16 Phoenix Chinese Week
Phoenix Chinese Week is going... (more)
2015 Butterfly Badger Open
2/15 2015 Butterfly Badger Open
Entry Form is now available
  Han Xiao
2/15 How to Approach the Service Game
Think back to some matches... (more)
Table Tennis Canada
2/15 2015 Canada Winter Games
Prince-George welcomes all... (more)
  Coach Gao Jun
2/15 Ask The Experts
My school recently introduced... (more)
DTTA's 3rd 2015 Quincenal Tournament
2/13 DTTA's 3rd QUINCENAL Tourney
Last Saturday, February 7th, we... (more)
  Coach Dan Seemiller
2/13 2014 Butterfly Teams Video
Hi, can you please advise, what is... (more)
New York Table Tennis League
2/13 New York Table Tennis League
  2014 Butterfly Teams Video
2/13 2014 Butterfly Teams Video
VIDEO Teams Division 1 Finals
2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
2/12 2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
Rgister, deadline is Feb. 23rd
  David Xu, Anqi Luo and Joy Xu
2/12 Elite TTC Rising Stars
Over the weekend of January 31st... (more)
Open Singles 1st Place and 2nd Place Winners with Tournament Director
2/12 2015 Chinese Week Open
Results from the Chinese Week Open
  2014 Butterfly Teams Video
2/12 2014 Butterfly Teams Video
VIDEO Teams Division 1 Finals
Coach Stefan Feth
2/12 Ask The Experts
Both my forehand and backhand... (more)
  Eugene Wang - Photo courtesy of Thorsten Gohl
2/11 Congratulations Eugene Wang!
Eugene Wang Won NA Tour Grand Final
2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup Video
2/11 2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup Video
VIDEO Open Doubles Final
  Atlanta International Table Tennis Academy
2/11 AITTA 2015 Spring Break Camp
Learn More about AITTA's Spring Camp
Mohamed El-Beiali
2/11 Two Weeks Ago Delight
Delight beamed across the face... (more)
  Coach Nan Li
2/11 Ask The Experts
Hello... I have been playing for... (more)
2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup Video
2/10 2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup Video
VIDEO Open Singles Final
  The Sport for All
2/10 World Table Tennis for All Day
Often repeated, it is the game that... (more)
Coach Dan Seemiller
2/10 Ask The Experts
Hi guys, I’ve been playing with my... (more)
  2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
2/9 Table Tennis Makes 12th Appearance
The 2015 Arnold Table Tennis... (more)
Coach Gao Jun
2/9 Ask The Experts
Hi, I’m kind of an offensive... (more)
  Arnold Schwarzenegger Superbowl Commercial
2/9 Featured Video
VIDEO Arnold Playing Table Tennis
Han Xiao
2/8 Learning Good Mechanics
To round out our short mechanics... (more)
  Dimitrij Ovtcharov
2/8 Dimitrij Ovtcharov Strikes Gold
A surprise penultimate round... (more)
Coach Cheng Yinghua with Derek Nie
2/8 Ask The Experts
Hi, I have played table tennis... (more)
  2015 NN Table Tennis Club ITTF – Europe Top 16
2/7 Europe Top 16 Videos
VIDEOS Europe Top 16
2/7 On His Way to Semis
The semifinalists of the 2015... (more)
  Coach Andre Ho
2/7 Ask The Experts
Hi, my question is that when my... (more)
Cristia Pletea (left) and Adina Diaconu
2/7 Golden Day for Romania
Romania’s Cristian Pletea and... (more)
  2015 Canada Series Finals
2/6 Canada Series Finals
PHOTOS Canada Series Finals
PSFNC: Ping Pong for Public Education
2/6 Ping Pong for Public Ed
  Coach Stefan Feth
2/6 Ask The Experts
I am 1800-rated player. I power... (more)
Maryland Table Tennis Center February 2015 Newsletter
2/5 MDTTC Newsletter
  Luisa Sager (left) with Daniely Rios
2/5 Puerto Rico Prepares
Success in 2014, notably... (more)
Coach Nan Li
2/5 Ask The Experts
Hi, I've played table tennis... (more)
  ITTF Hopes Program
2/5 ITTF/USATT Hopes Program
Aspiring table tennis players... (more)
2014 SPA CaP Cup
2/4 2014 SPA CaP Cup Reports
The Sino Professionals... (more)
  Ask The Experts
2/4 Ask The Experts
Before a match, is your opponent... (more)
USA Table Tennis
2/4 USATT e-Newsletter
  Featured Video
2/4 Featured Video
VIDEO Chinese National Team Trials
Jeremy Hazin
2/4 Canada Series Finals
Last weekend at the 2015... (more)
  Coach Dan Seemiller
2/3 Ask The Experts
Hi: I feel Tenergy 05 sponge is... (more)
Featured Video
2/3 Featured Video
VIDEO Hungary Open 2015 Highlights
  Mohammed Abdulhussein
2/3 Qatar Causes Major First Day Upset
The fourth seeds, Qatar caused... (more)
Crystal Wang
2/2 2014 Breakout Star Crystal Wang
At the 2013 U.S. National... (more)
  Jiang Tianyi
2/2 Seven Year Wait Over
Quarterfinalist at the London 2012... (more)
Coach Stefan Feth
2/2 Ask The Experts
Hi Feth, my question is which... (more)
  Han Xiao
2/1 Learning Good Mechanics
Last time we took a look at... (more)
Capital Plastics All Star Championships
2/1 Capital Plastics All Star
On March 4th, two days prior... (more)
  Coach Andre Ho - Photo courtesy of ITTF
2/1 Ask The Experts
Hi Andre! Question 1. How long... (more)
USA Table Tennis
2/1 Peter Scudner Elected
Peter Scudner is Chairman of USATT
  Public Schools First NC
1/31 Ping Pong for Public Ed FUNdraiser
Public education has topped... (more)
Global Junior Circuit Finals Video Stream
1/31 ITTF Junior Circuit Finals
VIDEO Streams - Day 3
  Coach Stefan Feth
1/31 Ask The Experts
Hi Feth, my question is which... (more)
2015 Butterfly Cary Cup Championship
1/30 2015 Butterfly Cary Cup
Butterfly is proud to sponsor... (more)
  Global Junior Circuit Finals Video Stream
1/30 ITTF Junior Circuit Day 2
VIDEO Streams - Day 2
Coach Andre Ho
1/30 Ask The Experts
I am corporate level player and... (more)
  Official Ping Magazine
1/30 Ping Magazine Jan-Feb 2015
Ping Magazine: Table tennis News
Global Junior Circuit Finals Video Stream
1/29 ITTF Junior Circuit Finals
VIDEO Streams - Day 1
  DTTA's 2nd 2015 Quincenal Tournament
1/29 DTTA's 2nd QUINCENAL Tourney
Last Saturday, January 24th, we... (more)
Seats in Canada await Umpires
1/29 Officiate in Canada
  Coach Ernesto Ebuen
1/29 Ask The Experts
I'm more of a backhand player... (more)
Jack Wang
1/28 U.S. Pan Am & National Team Trials
Entry list for U.S. Pan Am & NT Trials
  Shen Yanfei
1/28 Impressive Start from Shen Yanfei
Absent from international duty... (more)
Coach Stefan Feth
1/28 Ask The Experts
My daughter (9yrs old) is excited... (more)
  St. Joseph Valley Open
1/27 St. Joseph Valley Open
Register for the St. Joseph Valley Open
Elias Ranefur
1/27 Global Junior Circuit Finals
Third place in his group at... (more)
  Coach Kewei Li
1/27 Ask The Experts
Hello, as the Defence Alpha is... (more)
Kanak Jha
1/26 Brother & Sister Duo
Prachi and Kanak Jha first... (more)
  2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup
1/26 Butterfly Aurora Cup Report
The second edition of the Butterfly... (more)
Coach Zaman Molla
1/26 Ask The Experts
I noticed your answer to Nik's... (more)
  Liu Jia
1/26 Liu Jia Defends Title
The winner one year ago, Austria’s... (more)
Han Xiao
1/25 Learning Good Mechanics
It can be frustrating to perfect... (more)
  Ricardo Villa
1/25 Clean Sweep
Medalists in the 2014 Central... (more)
Coach Andre Ho - Photo courtesy of ITTF
1/25 Ask The Experts
Need a racket, which can help me... (more)
  Featured Video: Novak Djokovic
1/25 Featured Video
VIDEO Peugeot 'Do The Novak'
Jeremy Hazin
1/23 Winter 2015 Canadian National Team
  Butterfly is the Official Ball Supplier of the 2015 World Table Tennis Championships
1/23 2015 World Championships
Entries are open for Qoros... (more)
Coach Ernesto Ebuen
1/23 Ask The Experts
Hello Ernesto, I want to buy a... (more)
  2015 Butterfly San Francisco Open
1/23 2015 Butterfly San Francisco Open
Butterfly is proud to sponsor and... (more)
USA Table Tennis
1/22 USATT Committee Nominations
In accordance with the By-Laws... (more)
  Coach Stefan Feth
1/22 Ask The Experts
Hello, I would like to know what... (more)
New York Table Tennis League
1/22 League Staring in March
VIDEO NYTTL 2015 League Info
  Sudbury Smashers Table Tennis Club
1/22 Sudbury Smashers' Results
National Collegiate Table Tennis Association
1/22 NCTTA News
  Swavek Lorenc
1/21 Bright Future for Butterfly Aurora Cup
As the last matches were played... (more)
Triangle Table Tennis
1/21 Triangle Table Tennis News
Are improved skills and fitness... (more)
  2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup
1/21 Aurora Cup Provides Opportunity
In its second year, the 2015... (more)
Coach Adam Hugh
1/21 Ask The Experts
I was looking at the Timo Boll... (more)
  Open Doubles: Maria Kretschmer and Meinhard Korte
1/21 Chicago Area Players Shine
Local pride took center stage... (more)
Chen Ruichao, 2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup Open Singles Champion
1/21 2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup
  Cheng Li / Zhang Yi Chi
1/17 2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup
Emad Barsoum
1/17 Local Chicago Players
With 9.5 million residents, the... (more)
  2014 We Are Butterfly Top 10 Pro Shops!
1/15 Butterfly 2014 Top 10
We are proud to announce the... (more)
Ruichao Chen - Photo courtesy of Potomac Country Table Tennis Club
1/15 Butterfly Kicks-Off Tour
With 11 players over 2400 and... (more)
  DJ Settle with Eugene Wang
1/14 Ask The Experts
Playing doubles, if the server... (more)
DTTA's 1st 2015 Quincenal Tournament
1/14 DTTA's 1st 2015 Q Tourney
DTTA is very happy to... (more)
  Ruichao Chen
1/13 2015 Butterfly Aurora Cup
On January 17-18th, over 300... (more)
Coach Adam Hugh
1/13 Ask The Experts
I quit playing table tennis for... (more)
  Alamiyan Brothers
1/13 The Brothers Alamiyan
Noshad Alamiyan is a well-known... (more)
Featured Video
1/13 Ask The Experts
VIDEO 2014 Year in Review
  Fan Zhendong
1/12 Authority Asserted
Top seeds and clear favorites... (more)
Coach Stefan Feth
1/12 Ask The Experts
Hello Sir, I am a mid-to... (more)
  Juhos, Tamasu, Berczik, Gergely
1/12 Butterfly Legends
Jonyer, Gergely, Klampar, Ono... (more)
Featured Video
1/12 Featured Video
VIDEO Ma Long Multi Ball at WSA
  Table Tennis Canada
1/12 Canada Series Finals & Hopes
Information at Table Tennis Canada
Coach Zaman Molla
1/10 Ask The Experts
Hello, could you recommend an... (more)
  Erwin Redl's InMotion - Photo courtesy of Arthur Roger Gallery
1/10 Artist Erwin Redl
Butterfly at Arthur Roger Gallery... (more)
Chen Chien-An
1/10 Surprise Defeat in Guangzhou
Runners up spot had been... (more)
  Ontario Table Tennis Association
1/9 Butterfly Pleased to Announce
Ontario Table Tennis Association... (more)
Krisztina Toth - Photo by Nagy Gábor Zsolt
1/9 All the best, Krisztina Toth
She is 7-times European... (more)
  Coach Ernesto Ebuen
1/9 Ask The Experts
At present I am using Tamca 5000... (more)
FREITAS Marcos vs MORIZONO Masataka
1/9 Featured Video: World Team Cup
  Yuto MURAMATSU vs CHIANG Hung-Chieh
1/9 Featured Video: World Team Cup
2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
1/8 2015 Arnold Table Tennis Challenge
Butterfly is proud to sponsor and... (more)
  Larry Hodges
1/8 Congratulations Larry Hodges!
Yesterday, January 7th, USATT’s... (more)
Crystal Wang
1/8 Featured Video: Crystal Wang
VIDEO Crystal Wang 2014 Highlights
  China Table Tennis Summer Training Camp
1/8 China Summer Training Camp
Between May 22 and June 26... (more)
Coach Adam Hugh
1/8 Ask The Experts
Hi, I'm looking to buy a new... (more)
  Nigeria’s Quadri Aruna: 2014 Male Table Tennis Star of the Year
1/7 ITTF Star Awards Winners
Nigeria’s Quadri Aruna took... (more)
Coach Stefan Feth
1/7 Ask The Experts
Hi Stefan, I had been playing... (more)
  Butterfly Paddle
1/7 "Up a creek? Grab a paddle"
Table Tennis article on Calgary Herald
Richard Finn
1/7 USATT Hires Richard Finn
Recently named USATT CEO... (more)
  Tiago Apolonia
1/6 Welcome Tiago Apolonia
Butterfly Mag welcomes Tiago Apolonia
Coach Andre Ho - Photo courtesy of ITTF
1/6 Ask The Experts
I am an all-round player and... (more)
  Ping Pong Festival in Dubai
1/6 ITTF Star Awards
Tomorrow, January 7th, the... (more)
Opening ceremony of a new Butterfly Table Tennis Center in Nürtingen, Germany
1/6 New Butterfly Center in Germany
New Butterfly Center opening ceremony
  Kanak Jha
1/5 Congratulations U-15!
Congratulations Kanak Jha and... (more)
Swavek Lorenc - Photo Courtesy of Fox Valley Table Tennis Club
1/5 Congratulations Swavek Lorenc
300+ players Registered for Aurora Cup!
  Maryland Table Tennis Center's Newsletter
1/5 MDTTC's January Newsletter
Coach Nan Li
1/5 Ask The Experts
Hello, I am a intermediate level... (more)
  USA Table Tennis
1/5 Pan Am & National Team Trials
LYTTC's Cory Eider, Tina Lin and Coach Judy Hugh
1/2 Success for LYTTC!
LYTTC’s Tina Lin secured... (more)
  Jun Mizutani
1/2 Featured Video: Taiwan Masters
VIDEOS 2015 Taiwan Masters
Marcos Freitas
1/2 New Exciting & Dramatic Age Dawns
Dubai, could there be anywhere... (more)
  Coach Kewei Li
1/2 Ask The Experts
I have recently purchased the Timo... (more)


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