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DOB: 2/27/00
Country: CANADA

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2015 Canadian Junior & Cadet Open - Cadet Boys Silver Medalist
2015 CCTTA 2015 Chinese New Year Cup - Open Champion
2015 Canada Men's Team Member, Canada Junior Boys Team Member
2014 Canada Series #1 – U17 Boys - Finalist
2014 North American Teams – Division 2 - Champion
2014 World Cadet Challenge - Boys Teams Bronze Medalist, Boys Doubles Quarterfinalist, North American Team Member
2014 Canada Shadow Squad Member
2014 Canada Junior Boys Team Member
2014 ITTF North American Championships - Junior Boys Singles Bronze Medalist
2014 Canadian Championships - Cadet Boys Doubles Champion, Cadet Boys Singles Runner-up
Butterfly 2014 Canadian Junior & Cadet Open – Boys U15 Singles Bronze Medalist & Boys U15 Team Silver Medalist
CCTTA 2014 Chinese New Year Cup - Open Singles Champion
2014 Canada Series #5 - Men's Open Finalist
2013 Canada Series #3 – Junior Boys U18 – Champion
2013 Canadian Open  – Cadet Boys Team Semifinalist
2013 Canada Series – Men’s Singles Semifinalist
2013 North American Teams – Division 3 Champion
2013 Butterfly Canadian Championships – U15 Boys Team Ontario Gold Medalist, U15 Boys Bronze Medalist, U18 Boys Doubles Bronze Medalist
2013 US Open / ITTF World Tour - U-13 Boys Singles Champion
2013 Spanish Junior & Cadet Open - Cadet Boys Doubles & Cadet Boys Team Quarterfinalist
2013 World Championships - competed for Canada (the youngest Canadian player ever to compete at the World Championships)
2013 Ontario Championships – Boys U15 Bronze Medalist and Boys U18 Bronze Medalist
2013 Canadian National Team Challenge - Men's 5th Place
2012 Euro Mini Championships, France: Under 12 Boys’ Singles Quarterfinalist
2012 Canadian Junior Championships - Boys U13 Gold Medalist, Boys U15 Bronze Medalist, Boys U13 Team Silver Medalist, Boys U13 Doubles Silver Medalist, Boys U13 Mixed Doubles Bronze Medalist
2012 ITTF World Hopes Team Member
2012 ITTF USA Junior & Cadet Open – Cadet Boys Doubles & Cadet Boys Team Bronze Medalist
2012 ITTF Hopes Challenge Sweden – Boys Singles Quarterfinalist
2012 Ontario Championships – Boys U13 Gold Medalist Boys, U15 Bronze Medalist and Men’s Open Doubles Gold Medalist
2012 Ontario Winter Games – Boys U18 Silver Medalist
2011 Canadian National Championship Boys - U11 Gold Medalist, U11 Doubles Gold Medalist, U11 Team Gold Medalist, U13 Bronze Medalist
2011 Ontario Championships Boys - U11 Gold Metalist, U13 Bronze Medalist
2011 Table Tennis Canada's (CTTA) "Junior Athlete of the Year"
2011 U.S. Open – RR1950 Silver Medalist
2010 Canadian National Championship Boys – U11 Bronze Medalist